We believe that the most important asset of our business is our employees, after all, employees are our unique resources that generate positive company performance and ultimately achieve sustainable success. At IDEAL OF SWEDEN, everybody is of value, one component that all together creates our dream team. Providing a motivational, safe and healthy workplace is and has always been a priority to IDEAL OF SWEDEN. By creating a fun, comfortable, and productive space, we believe we can meet any challenges and go that extra mile! We are proud and humbled towards the commitment the people at IDEAL OF SWEDEN show towards each other, the company and, our customers.


All IDEAL OF SWEDEN decisions and operations are governed by the principles of ethics, integrity, and respect for the people. IDEAL OF SWEDEN condemns all forms of discrimination and harassment based on sex, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, and age. Our company Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct for Business Partners set the foundation for our work with ethics, anti-corruption, and human rights.

We frequently work proactively with the work environment to make sure we have a safe, healthy environment that is free from discrimination.


IDEAL OF SWEDEN is a place to grow and explore. Development for our people has since the early start been a great part of IDEAL OF SWEDEN. We have had the pleasure of seeing many of our employees develop and grow together with the company.

At IDEAL OF SWEDEN, we believe that the strength and success of the company lie in our people. We want everyone to feel engaged and part of the company's success by allowing each employee to take the initiative, take ownership, and dare to think outside the box. We take pride in the internal competencies of our workforce and employees’ motivation to succeed as individuals.

For the right person, the sky's the limit!


We aim for a creative and fun work environment at IDEAL OF SWEDEN. We have the privilege of working in newly renovated and inspiring offices in top locations with open spaces, adjustable desks, pool tables, and lounge areas when you need some environmental change.

Our friendly and inclusive workplace is something we value and we focus on team building to create an understanding and respectful atmosphere. By frequently arranging team activities, team lunches and company meetings, we give our employees the opportunity to get to know each other and the organization. Together we will create magic.