A fresh season is dawning, and with it an opportunity to start anew, to rejuvenate your creative freedom. How? Through expressive designs that empower you to embrace what makes you unique. We’ve coined this approach: ‘Make it yours. Make it IDEAL.’ We believe that our brand is only as unique, practical and modular as our customer showcases it to be. The real freedom and creativity lies in the individual consumer styling, which is why this movement is led by our community. When it comes to tech-fashion wearables, no brand is as ideal as ours.

The Spring Summer ‘22 Collection epitomises the IDEAL OF SWEDEN DNA. The red thread throughout this new line is the detachable components, adjustable straps, modular pockets and compartments. The practical versatility of these hands-free, two-in-one, multifunctional pieces gives the consumer complete ownership of expression whilst making life as convenient, flexible and fun as possible by having everything effortlessly interchangeable. Our Modular Tech Fashion wearables are unique to the market and designed with sustainable materials wherever possible.




From the very beginning when IDEAL OF SWEDEN was first established by Joachim Angelton and Filip Ummer in 2013, our philosophy has been to inspire your individuality. In contrast to other brands whose goal is often to change the world, our goal is to change yours. With a strong commitment to transcending aesthetic flair with functional shapes and pioneering concepts, we create designs that help you tell your personal tale, no matter who you are or choose to be. It’s in our roots... Already in their childhood years, our founders Joachim and Fillip pushed boundaries of the unimaginable. They never stood still, from one venture to another they continued to innovate, such as the true visionaries they are. They even sold ice-cold soda to over-heated drivers stuck on the highway outside their small hometown in their youth. Years later, when they both felt that stylish phone accessories were missing in the market, expressive ones at that, they realized there was an exciting opportunity that was well-worth pursuing. Their neverending devotion to embracing their creativity, potential and drive, was the very beginning of IDEAL OF SWEDEN. Today, we are one of the fastest-growing brands in Scandinavia and beyond. We are represented at leading retailers and prestigious department stores worldwide, all thanks to Joachim and Filip’s creative bravery and determination.


Some people just click. So do our accessories. We love to make connections. That’s why IDEAL OF SWEDEN has introduced Accessories of Attraction - a selected range of products that are effortlessly interchangeable and drawn to each other by a simple magnetic click. Equipped with strong, yet lightweight magnets, many of our products allow you to create the most perfect matches and make meaningful connections, down to every detail of your life.

Fashion CaseHypnotic Zebra



Sustainability has grown to be one of our key priorities. We are continuously investigating and evaluating better material options in order to be able to reduce our impact on the planet. In our Autumn Winter ‘21 Collection, we introduced recycled polyester in many of our active and men’s bags. We also supplemented partly recycled PU in the Statement Collection for both Bags and Phone Cases.

For Spring Summer ‘22 we have evolved this journey by selecting some of our most used materials in the collection, such as Black and Beige Croco, and replacing most of these on our core and new products with recycled polyurethane (Bags and Tech). We have also introduced recycled Polyamide on our Active Assortment. When it comes to Bags, we have replaced all the lining and dust-bags with recycled content for this season.


With a new season comes new additions to our latest product collection: Bags. Crafted for every occasion, these bags embrace the modern practicality of our Modular Tech Fashion philosophy that translates through the structure and features of each design, making them harmoniously interchangeable with the entire IDEAL OF SWEDEN portfolio.

Modularity is the muse of the entire Spring Summer ‘22 Collection. As such, our newest designs possess adjustable straps, many compartments and connectable locations for styling add-ons, leaving a seemingly infinite possibility of ways to style them. The whole concept of modularity allows you to adapt the bag to each and every outfit you wish to sport it with, making it entirely, uniquely yours.


Before being shipped to your home, each of IDEAL OF SWEDEN’s products is quality tested to give you the best possible user experience. We deliver every product in a premium box with a soft inlay that adds extra smooth protection and prevents your product from being damaged in any way.